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History of the Trinity United Methodist Church in Bordentown (1770-2020)

Records of Methodist preaching in Bordentown go back to July 26,1770, when Joseph Pilmoor, a missionary sent to America by John Wesley, stopped in Bordentown and preached in the Baptist Church. He preached again in mid-February, 1771 and thereafter for forty-seven years. Public and social services were held by the Methodists in private homes and subsequently, thereafter, moving into the building then known as the Bordentown Academy located on Farnsworth Avenue. Known as the First Methodist Episcopal Church in 1821, their first permanent building was erected at 209 Farnsworth Avenue. Circuit preachers were used until 1835 when Bordentown was made a station with the Rev. John L. Gilder appointed as pastor. A parsonage was built on Church Street in 1837. Later locations were 112 Prince Street and 600 Farnsworth Avenue which is still being used today.

Three moves occurred finally bringing the congregation to the present location at 339 Farnsworth Avenue in April of 1867. Eventually, with the new structure, the two Methodist Churches in Bordentown consolidated, (First Methodist and Trinity Methodist) and became one in the year 1906. On May 10, 1939, based on a national Plan of union, the Methodist Episcopal Church, the Methodist Episcopal Church South, and the Methodist Protestant Church united to form the Methodist Church.
As a result of this merger, our church name was changed to
Trinity Methodist Church in 1940. The church family grew and to meet their needs they broke ground on Feb 17, 1962 to add the Educational building and Fellowship Hall at the rear of the main building. Some of the organizations making use of the church facilities were: The Little Temperance League, Girl Scouts, YMCA, and Boy Scouts. During the recently retired Pastor Tom Millers years of service the community meal program was established (now serving over 1000 warm meals a month), the Praise Band was created and Trinity's Treasures thrives as it provides free and low cost clothing to the Bordentown community. In all forty-one pastors have served Trinity United Methodist Church, including the current pastor, Rev. Richard Romero. We must now all dedicate ourselves to continuing the ministry to the community that this church has provided for the past 194 years.

May the peace of God be with you, always.

To learn more about what we are as United Methodists you can visit the following websites:
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