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“Safe Virtual Fundraising”

We need your help raising money. Trinity United Methodist Church is raising funds for bills, payroll and church maintenance.

In light of current events, we have selected an online fundraiser that will be safe and
successful. RocketRaise is 100% virtual so there is no face-to-face selling, collecting money, or delivering products. We are selling products in our online store by sending email and texts to family and friends.

Supporters receive your email and text with a link to our RocketRaise online store where they can select from gourmet popcorn, cookbooks, gift items, magazines, and much more!
All items are shipped directly to the supporter’s home to ensure the safety of you and your supporters.

This will only take about 10 minutes of your time and will really help us.

This is all you do....
1. Go to and register your student using our group ID# 369598.
2. Enter email addresses of family and friends inviting them to help us raise money. To
be successful please provide as many contacts as possible.....around 20 would be

That’s’re done!

Our group is guaranteed 40% profit....but, if at least three-quarters of our group members participate by sending emails, our profit automatically jumps to 50% on all sales. That’s why your participation is so important.
Thanks for helping!

Jennifer Smith
Trinity United Methodist Church